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    What is Leadership Hunt County?

    Leadership Hunt County is a development program whose primary purpose is to provide an ongoing source of leaders dedicated to a superb quality of life throughout the county.  The program prepares these leaders in a small group environment that meets once every month for a full day to learn about every aspect of life in their extended community.

    What are the primary objectives of the program?

    To identify and motivate potential community leaders of diverse backgrounds

    To provide an outstanding educational experience emphasizing critical social and community issues

    To open a dialogue and establish a bond among emerging and current community leaders

    To challenge participants to apply their talents throughout the community

    Who benefits from the program?

    Participants learn how their extended community works, what its needs are, and how to be a leader in strengthening the quality of life for all citizens.

    Sponsors (employers or other organizations) benefit from more informed employees and volunteers with fresh strategic alliances and enhanced problem-solving skills.

    The community benefits from having informed citizens who care about where they live and work with the knowledge and skills gained to be change agents for a desirable quality of life.

    How does the program work?

    The time period spans nine-months (September to May)

    Up to 25 individuals make up a class.

    The class meets once a month for a full day 8:00 a.m.-5 p.m. (times vary)

    There is an introductory retreat/orientation.

    Participants are exposed to every aspect of what makes a community operate, including but not limited to

    Economic Development, Health Care, Government, Human Services, Education, Law & Justice, Diversity,

    Arts & Culture, Community Boards/Volunteering

    Where are sessions held?

    Session locations vary according to topic of the day.  Many are on-site.  Participants of Leadership are invited to attend  Hunt County Days in Austin.

    What happens during a session?

    Session formats vary to include lectures, discussion groups, simulations, field trips, and a variety of other activities.  The final session is a graduation ceremony in May.

    Who should apply?

    Current and potential leaders who are prepared and committed to serve as catalysts and sustainers of positive change for the quality of life in the Greater Greenville area.  To apply, fill out and return the registration form.  A variety of payment options are also available.   If you have questions, please give us a call at 903-455-1510 or email shelley@greenvillechamber.com







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